Friday, September 23, 2011

Doing Great!!! God is SO good!!!!

Hey everyone!
Thought I'd update again & just let you all know that your prayers have worked. I'm cancer free & feeling really good. I tell people, if I had hair I'd feel almost normal...I'm not sure I was ever "normal" but I'm feeling more like myself. The hair is coming...I look like a peach right now; very light, soft & fuzzy!!

I've been thoroughly enjoying my newfound health & trying to keep up with my grandsons & their football careers. The oldest one is loving his first year in football & has gained unbelievable confidence. This was a very good decision on his part. He's very good at the game & is loving it! The middle one is the known athlete. He's played baseball & football before, loves it & is very good at it. In the first scrimmage of the year at the Football Jamboree, he was playing starting quarterback & on the 4th play of the game he broke his left femur! Poor little guy is only 9 years old but has handled it all like a real trooper. He had surgery & now has 2 rods up thru the bone which will be removed in a few weeks. He's getting around very well on crutches & in his wheel chair. He was visited at school yesterday by Champlin Park Varsity football players & will be a guest at the game tonite. He's become a celebrity of sorts in Champlin...everyone knows or has heard about his injury. He started physical therapy this week so he'll be back to his old self in no time. The youngest one started a new preschool this year & we were very nervous about it. He can be very stubborn & if he decides not to do something, there's no talking him into it. He did great the first day & now is wanting to stay all day. My how they grow up!!

I hope to start doing some traveling with Ed & on my own. I'm hoping to get to return to Amsterdam for a visit & replace my bad memories of the place with good ones. I get to fly to Ohio in a couple weeks to visit with my family there. They've all been so supportive with prayers & cards & I want them to see how good I'm doing now. Can't wait to see them all!

Thanks for checking in on me & again...thank you SO much for your prayers, warm thoughts, good vibes or whatever else you did for me during this journey. It's not over so keep 'em coming. I will have a CT scan in November & every 3 months for 2 years so we're in this for the long haul!! Stay with us!