Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Got some dates confused & just want to update...I keep myself confused!!!

My next treatment is this week, December 30th. Just a normal infusion of Avastin. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so. Then I have a CT scan on Friday, January 20th. Please pray for a good report & that the tumor is shrinking or even gone! I'll have an appointment with Dr Downs the following Wednesday, January 25th to get the results of the CT.

We've had a wonderful Christmas celebration with our family. Ed, the grandsons & myself went to the cabin for some R&R & really enjoyed ourselves. So quiet & beautiful up there!! Not much progress on the addition thus far. Hopefully things will speed up really soon. We took "Martin Griswold" up & he's waiting in the barn until the additions are done!! So very excited to have him join our family!! I'll post better pictures of him later (he's the moose head that we've wanted for many years).

Hope you all have an amazing New Year celebration & stay safe!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas & a huge thank you for all your prayers & support in the past year. It is all appreciated aso much more than you will ever know! with friends like you all I feel like I can get thru anything! Love you guys!

Dr appts are going well & my side effects has still been very nominal. I am so thankful for this. I will have my 3rd treatment this coming Thursday. I also have a CT scan scheduled for about the 21 of June. Keep the prayers going!!

Me in front of the Dam Squares Christmas tree . The Queen's plalace is to my left & the Peek & Cloppenburg department store in to the left.
It was an amazing trip & we excercized a lot of demons.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

quick update

My nephew Steven, me & Kelly

Just a quick update to let you all know where things are right now with me & my "situation". We were able to take a great trip to Huntsville, Alabama last week to see Ed's folks. Kelly & her boys went with us. We had such a wonderful time & the drive was awesome too. The boys did SO GOOD! They had plenty of video games & DVDs they could watch in the van we rented. It was a very comfortable drive. We stopped on the way down & the way home & let the boys swim & jacuzzi. Great relaxation!!

My treatment is going wonderful. I am on a daily chemo pill (cytoxan) & once every 3 weeks I have an infusion (IV treatment) of avastin. The avastin is supposed to choke off the blood supply to the tumor; essentially starving it out. The chemo works just as you'd expect chemo to. The best thing is that I have almost no side effects. No hair loss, fatigue, loss of appetite or nausea. So great. If I had more hair I'd never know that I was sick (which Dr Downs says "you're not sick"!) He also said I was sexy with my short hair & he loves it when women don't wear wigs. That's right up my alley; no wig! I'm feeling really good & keeping busy. I feel better when I'm busy & "keeping the wheels rolling"!!!

Ed & I went to a Gopher Game the end of October; what a beautiful day it was...and the Gophers actually won!!

Ed & I are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Amsterdam & Germany. He's going for business & I'm going for pleasure!! I hope to get to see some things in Amsterdam that I missed the first time around. Germany will be full of Christmas Markets & visiting friends. Looking forward to being away & relaxing with friends there.

So keep us in your prayers for safe travel & good health while we're away!! If I don't get back on here before, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Love to all!