Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm back!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've had a few bad days since the last "spa treatment". It wasn't a fun few days but it's really like having the flu for a week or so. But things are AWESOME now. I've been feeling wonderful the last few days. I did go for a treatment early this week & my white blood cell count was too low so they couldn't give me my treatment. I was really bummed coz I thought it would delay the whole process. Actually they are just skipping that dose. The first one I got was really packing a punch so that was the reason my counts were so low.

I know it's been a while since I've written. That is mostly because I don't like to write when I'm down & having bad days. Don't want ya'll to worry about me. My next scheduled spa days are May 11-12th & 18th. So please pray that I will be healthy & strong enough for it. My appetite has been basically non-existent the last few weeks & everything I put in my mouth made me gag. I was getting really worried that I couldn't eat. Ed & I met with some friends at Caribou on Thursday & I asked them to pray for my appetite to increase & be able to eat normally. On Friday morning I had some girlfriends over (AT 4AM, I MIGHT ADD) to watch the Royal Wedding & I was feeling so good I ate a bagel with cream cheese! Kelly & I went to Panera for lunch & Ed took me to Broadway for dinner!!!!! My appetite is back & I'm so grateful; you cannot imagine!!!!!! Thank you God!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear from any & all of you. Hope you had a great Easter & were able to enjoy the beautiful Sunday we had with those you love! Keep me & my family in your prayers as we continue this journey. GIGATTAATTGIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2

We are now on day 2 of my "spa" vacation with Cisplatium. So far so good! No nausea or cramping. I have to start "rockin & Rollin" in a little while. Rolling from side to side every 15 min to slosh this all over my abdomen. Ed is my timer... "pivot"! should be fun!

Just wanted everyone to know I'm doing great. It's 2:30 pm right now & we hope to be out of here by 5 or 6 & on our way home! This has been an awesome experience & everyone is taking great care of me. Thank you Dr Downs, Michelle, Ann & everyone on 7C at Fairview UofM!!

God is so good to us. We have a blessed life!!! I am so lucky. My roommate just had a bilateral mastectomy after undergoing chemo & radiation. She also had a mass removed from her Fallopian tube that may or may not be cancer. Keep her in your prayers too she travels from Marquette, MI for her treatments & had 3 kids! My life is so easy in comparison.

Thank you God for your daily blessings!!!! GIGATTAATTGIG!!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The battle has begun!!!!

I'm at the hospital this morning getting my first round of chemo. So far,so good! They hooked my port up really slick...yes, it is my new best friend!! The chemo drugs will begin somewhere around noon & run for 24 hours. This is in my IV port (or chest port). Tomorrow will be in my IP port (or the one in my belly).

I'm feeling very strong right now & wanting to kick this cancer with all I've got!! Your prayers & thoughts are one thing that keeps me going. God is the Great Physician & He is the real healer!!!

Keep the prayers coming! It's still a long road. But I know I can make it!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Day!!!

This has been a great day. My parents & sister came from Ohio to visit for a few day!!! I am so thrilled to see them. They haven't been here since 2002 or so. We are really enjoying each other!!!

I got a call from Dr Levi Downs' office today & there is a plan of attack. It starts April 18th & we are so excited!  It is a little less invasive than we were expecting & we can't wait to get started!!! We are looking forward to this new part of our life & want to get started...the sooner the better!!

We are grilling pork chops tonite & having cheesy potatoes!! Yum!! It's a little chilly for cooking out but hey, in Minnesota you take what you can get...there's no snow!!!

wanted to share some of the flowers I've received over the past weeks.
Thank you Shavlik & Mom & Dad!!

Keep us in your prayers as we begin next week but especially to have a good time this week with my family! I love all of you & so much appreciate everything you're done for me & my precious family!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One more step......

Took one more step toward the end of this thing called cancer. I went and picked out my wig tonite!!! My girls were with me every step of the way. We had some fun trying on the "Ozzy Osbourne" you'll probably see pictures on Facebook!!! We did have a good time but it was one more reality settling in.

I know this is curable & I know my family is with me every step of the way. I appreciate them more than they know. I've had my down days; some very down days but I feel I'm making progress. I still hope to start chemo April 18th so keep prayers going for that day especially.

Thanks for always keeping in touch!