Monday, October 24, 2011

October Update

Hello friends & family!
What a whirlwind of things over the end of the summer! We had Regan's wedding at the end of August; chemo finished the first part of August; cleared as cancer free the end of August; school started & the boys are all doing great. Football is going well, Myer is healing great & Oliver is going to full-day preschool. Life is good.

I did have a 'not so fun' weekend though. I went to the Women of Faith conference on Friday & had a gall baldder attack Friday night. Spent most of Saturday & Sunday in the Maple Grove hospital getting checked out & given pain & nausea meds after lots of violent vomiting...gross, huh?! My gall bladder needs to be removed but the surgeon needs to speak with my oncologist in the meantime...I WAIT!! Some pain, fear of another attack & impatience of waiting are the way I spend my days now. Oh's always something & getting older is not for sissies!!!

Thought I'd share some pictures of our late summer activities with you. Thanks for checking in & keep us in your prayers!

The bride with Mom & Dad

Dad & his girls

Mark & Regan on the bike

Myer the Rebel football player

Is Owen a teenager yet?!

Oliver & his beautiful eyelashes...what a sweet boy!

Always gotta have a silly family picture!

Kelly's sweet family

Auntie & her boys

The gorgeous bride & groom

Tyler & Mark