Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great News!!!!!!!

Hey Y'all!!!
I AM CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the good news this morning from the most amazing doctor & team in the world. I don't have to have any more chemo & life is good! I do have 2 small soft tissue masses that need to be biopsied & that will happen on Tuesday. Dr Downs says he's certain they are not cancer & he has several reasons why it isn't but we do need to find out what it is. Could be blood clots that are being reabsorbed by my body; could be just soft tissue. But we'll find out next week. I'll get the biopsy results on Friday when I will have the IP Port removed. That will be a great day...I feel like this port is an alien trying to get out of my body!!

So you're all not off the hook in the praying department. I'm asking for prayers next week for the biopsy results. I'm not worried at all & I'm thrilled to be free from "the troll"!!!

Thanks for all your prayers, good thoughts, positive energies, etc that you sent my way over the past several months. They have meant more to me than you know!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CT Results tomorrow!

Hey friends!
I'm asking for prayers; especially tomorrow. I will get the results of my CT Scan that I had on Monday. this will determine what the treatments I've had have accomplished. I've been feeling great & we have every confidence that I'm going to be declared clean. But...all the prayers I can get surely can't hurt!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our daughter's wedding & are thrilled to have a new son-in-law. They have returned from their honeymoon in Jamaica (right before the Hurricane Irene came through) & are ready to, as Regan said, begin their happily ever after!!

Our middle grandson just came home from the hospital. He broke his femur in his left leg on Saturday playing quarterback for his football team. He had surgery on Sunday afternoon & is doing pretty good. He could use prayers for pain management now that he's home. Prayers for the whole family as they care for him too.

Well, I think I've requested enough prayers for tonite. I hope to get some sleep...I'm very excited to get the news tomorrow...whatever it is. My goal is to want what God wants for me & accept it. Can't wait to get on here tomorrow & tell you it is all good news!!!
Oh! one other really good thing that has happened along in our lives. Ed & I got a new Harley last week! It's a Cadillac of Harleys & so much more comfortable than any I've ever riden before. I hope to ride much more now that I have a super comfortable "queen seat". We are enjoying it already!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding Week

Well, it's finally here..our baby girl is getting married this week! She's searched & found the one to make her happy...her best friend. We are so happy for her & love her fiance already. He will be a good addition to our family.

We are looking forward to family coming to town to celebrate with us. It will be an awesome week! started this week for our two older grandsons. Quite an exciting time for them. They both played baseball this year & the middle one played football last year. This is the first year for the oldest one & he's discovering he's a really good athlete too. We can't wait to sit out at the ballfield watching them play.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yep, my chemotherapy treatments are finished!!! I had my last treatment on Monday, August 8th & it went well. I was given extra nausea meds for this week because we suspected that my side effects may be worse. The decadron I was given has really done the trick. Regan's bachelorette part is this Friday night (the 12th) so I really wanted to feel as good as I can for is the 19th!!! Family will be coming in next Wed-Thurs & we're very excited!

One more prayer request if you don't mind...I'll have a CT scan on August 29th & meet with Dr Downs on the 31st for the results. Pray for a clear CT scan. Whatever the outcome, I'm ready to deal with it. But of course, a clear scan is what we're praying for.

It feels so good to know that I'm just going to keep feeling better & better. Knowing that the nausea will keep getting less & less...who knows; hair may even start coming back in a few weeks!! The hair is the least of my concerns actually. Not having to worry about hair, humidity, curl, friz, straightening has really been very freeing. Strange feeling I know, but an honest one. I can be ready to go in 15-20 minutes; showered & makeup on & out the door! Amazing!!

Thank you ALL so much for all your prayers, thoughts & well-wishes as we've been on this journey; it's not over by any means so keep 'em coming!!!
Guess what season is coming up!!! Yay! Football!!!
Can't wait to see Owen & Myer play...Oliver wishes he was playing!!