Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my "one year since diagnosis" anniversary so I celebrated with a 2 hour massage!! Came home & there were flowers sitting on my front porch! A beautiful bouquet of tulips & irises!! It just doesn't seem like it's been a year since we got the horrible news of ovarian cancer.

But in many ways it's been a blessing. It has really helped me understand & know what is important & what isn't. It's brought our family closer & made us more understanding of each other. We have enjoyed being back home from Amsterdam this past year. Being back with our family is the best medicine ever!

I am getting ready to start a new medicine in a couple weeks, Doxil. This drug has been unavailable for many months/years because of drug shortages. The FDA was just approved to import it from another country & my very wise doctor wants me on it!! I'm excited to get started. I just pray, and ask you to do the same, that side effects will be minimal & most of all that it will be effective!

We are celebrating Owen's 12th birthday this week! Wow doesn't seem at all that he can be that old!! Seems like just a few days ago I was snuggling him on the couch, looking out the big picture window at all the birdies. Owen, you're such a sweet kid & we are so very, very proud of you!!

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  1. Been awhile since I looked at your blog. Glad too see things are going good.

    Say "Hi" to Ed.