Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Helo again!! finally an update!

I am still here!! It's been a long time...since March 6th to be exact. That was my 1 year diagnosis anniversary. It's been a great 6 weeks since then. I've started the new medication, Doxil & things are going really good. I've had no side effects as of yet. I have my 2nd treatment tomorrow & I appreciate your continued prayers for the effectiveness & minimal side effects. Thank you!!!

We have been enjoying some time at the cabin. We've had a couple really beautiful weekends up there, weather-wise. Spring is springing in MN...finally. We have had a couple cool snaps but things are blooming & sun in shining. I even have some tulips coming up at the cabin. We are adding on to our little piece of heaven & hope it will be done by summer/Memorial Day weekend. I'll attach some pictures.

I'm going to be having another birthday in a couple days (the 21st) & I'm looking forward to celebrating!! We are going to the new Pizza Ranch in Champlin & maybe even Cherry Berry yogurt for dessert. Being together is the best present of all!!

Ed & I took a road trip to Alabama a few weeks ago to visit his family. It was so beautiful down there! We really enjoyed the trip itself...we both love to travel. Then a week or so ago I went to Ohio to visit my folks by myself. I drove all the way there & back on my own. It was a great trip & I got to surprise my Mom & Dad!

Well...not much else is new here. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer at the cabin with family & friends!! If any of you are in the neighborhood of Moose Lake...drop in!!! We'd love to have ya!
"Old" gas station in Athens, AL

Old mild wagon my Father-in-law gave me...over 100 years old!!

Our cabin additon...great room on the left...master bedroom on the right!


  1. Yay for great medicine and cabin time!

  2. You bet!! Hoping for a lot more of both this summer!!!

  3. Awesome cabin!!!